At Ageless Hearing Aids in Sarasota, Fla., we want you to know why it is important to have your hearing checked at least once a year by an audiologist. In some cases, a hearing loss occurs slowly, and you may not notice that it is happening until it is a severe problem. A loss of hearing is dangerous because it can make it impossible to hear dangerous noises such as an approaching vehicle. It is possible to have a hearing loss in certain ranges of sounds, making it difficult to hear a smoke alarm in your own home.

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If you have a hearing loss, then you might feel too embarrassed to spend time with friends or relatives who must talk loud enough for you to hear them, leading to isolation and depression. Fortunately, at Ageless Hearing Aids, you can have a hearing test to determine if you need hearing aids. Our Sarasota hearing aids are customized to meet your personal needs, including different styles that fit onto eyeglasses or that are hidden inside the ear canal. Call Ageless Hearing Aids today at 941-343-2764 to schedule your yearly hearing test with our experts.

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