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Do you need a hearing test?

It is important to get a hearing test if you suspect that something is wrong with your hearing. A number of problems can result if you lose your hearing. You may have trouble communicating with other people. You may also have a problem keeping a job. Even though schools are supposed to accommodate people who have disabilities, school will still be harder for you if you have hearing problems.

Fortunately, your hearing can be improved with hearing aids. There are several Sarasota hearing aids that you can choose from. Contact Ageless Hearing so that we can help you find the right hearing aid.

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Hard of hearing?

Many Sarasota residents who have experienced excellent hearing in their twenties, thirties or forties don’t immediately realize that they’re having problems as they age. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs of hearing loss, then it’s time to see a certified otolaryngologist or otologist who will perform more than one hearing test to confirm the level and type of hearing loss and the correct course of action:

– You have difficulty understanding some words that other people say in one-on-one and especially crowd scenarios, or most people sound like they’re mumbling when they speak.
– You have had more than one person tell you that you talk too loudly or that you play entertainment devices with the volume turned up too high.
– You hear some sounds piercingly louder than others with or without pain.
– You hear intermittent or constant ringing, whooshing or other noises.

A hearing specialist might recommend vestibular disorder testing or diagnose you with age-related hearing loss

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