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For years, Ageless Hearing in Sarasota has offered affordable hearing devices to improve quality of life. We offer a variety of style to fit every need.

Douglas Gibson

Hearing Aid Specialist in practicing in the greater Sarasota & Manatee Florida area's and has been factory trained and also wears hearing aids.

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"My father hated his hearing aids. When my hearing began to fail, my hearing aid experience was just as dismal as my dad’s. It was so bad I dreaded putting them on and loved taking them off. They are called hearing aids but really, they were hearing distractions. Sure, you hear plenty of stuff. With traffic, it was like standing in the interstate median. The kitchen faucet screamed like a banshee. The shopping mall reverberated something akin to Grand Central Station. And the grandkids reminded me of Super Bowl Sunday on the 50-yeard line. Finally, my head couldn’t stand the ‘marching band’ storing around and around behind my eyeballs. By now, I think you get the picture.

And saddest of all, I still found myself saying— ‘What?’ or ‘Come again?’ or ‘I missed that.’ And talking on the phone—don’t even get me started!

Then when all seemed lost, my hearing specialist, Doug Gibson, fitted me with a Godsend. My Siemens hearing aids have taken me back to my salad years. Now I hear just like I’m supposed to hear. The traffic, the faucet, the marching band, and the football stadium pandemonium are filtered away to their proper places.

Words cannot express the joy that my hearing aids have brought to my life. I gladly put them on first thing in the morning, and take them off at bedtime.

Thanks, Ageless! I’m very happy and so is my wife of 52 years!"

- Jim Tuggle

"The pair of hearing aids I am wearing now is the best I have ever had. The perfect fitting and the meticulous tuning to sounds for each ear, I believe, have made the difference. Thank you."


- L.E. Nash, M.D.

"The pair of hearing aids I am wearing now is the best I have ever had. The perfect fitting and the meticulous tuning to sounds for each ear, I believe, have made the difference. Thank you."


Nicholas G. Lathouras, MD

"It has taken considerable convincing for me to try yet another set of hearing aids. However, having worn these daily for two months without adjustment, I admit they are the best I've had in fifteen years of trials. The mechanism itself is more highly refined and has been tuned by you for my individual requirements. The interest and attention you give, not only to each patient, but to each ear, makes a difference. I can now hear and understand sounds I thought I had lost forever."

Sincerely yours,

L. N. Morgan, M.D.

"I would like to share my experience with others who may be apprehensive about acquiring a hearing aid. I had heard many discouraging stories about intensified background noises, very loud, uncomfortable sounds, simply keeping the aids in drawers, etc., etc. I was naturally a little concerned when I realized I was having a problem. Although I live in Ft. Myers, a friend of mine had told me of such wonderful results he had experienced with Ageless of Sarasota. From the moment you, Douglas, inserted my Natura 2SE into my ear canal, I had to wonder what all those people who had commented to me about negative results were talking about. I had no background noise, I heard soft sounds distinctly, and heard no uncomfortable loud sounds. The only problem I had was checking to make sure the aid was still there because it was so comfortable.

Thank you, Douglas, for making another aspect of aging such a positive experience."


Lois F. Price

"I am pleased to report that the new SONIC Innovations Hearing Aids that you sold me are meeting my highest expectations. You did a great job of fitting them to correct my hearing deficiencies. Since I have had two sets of hearing aids over the past six years prior to the New Digital ones you just installed, I can compare the technical improvements and find a great improvement in my ability to hear in all environments.

You have a happy customer!"

Glen Ewald, Professional Engineer (retired)

"The digital in-the-ear hearing instrument has made it possible for me to hear passengers while driving my car. Audio from stereo and t.v. is clearer. I can discern conversation in crowds. I tell my friends that I can't turn a deaf ear toward them and they can't talk behind my back. The quality is evident and I'm very satisfied."


John Marck

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